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Monday, January 4, 2010 10:02 AM
Under the influence of Alyna, im here for a short post. Nothing much, just to sweep off some dust from this blog. Hmmm... My blogging sense has long gone, im no longer the Wayne who used to crap in blog so much. No Hay de Que, i'll bounce back if i blog more often from now on!

Let it be a good year for me will ya? Gone through 2009 and it was one of the most pathetic year so far in my entire 17 years of life. Why? Nothing much, just things didn't go well, couple of hardships to be overcame and stuff. I guess that's wad we called life. i did a lot trying to patch things up too within the past 12 months. Blogging isn't the way to tell, i've not much to express after all. Im numb, and im immuned.

Anyway, i have a new roommate! Instead of thinking about the past, i think of the future then- wad is going to happen tomorrow, when is the Next Big Thing in my life etc etc. So.. Lets welcome my roommate will ya? Is a she anyway.

Meet Queeny

Adorable ain't she? i think she is!

PAS tries to ban concert... Again
Tuesday, August 25, 2009 8:51 PM
Okay, who doesn't know who they are?

By reading the title, you probably know what my post is all about. Yes, it's them again. The only anti- concerts body in Malaysia, maybe the world too- who tried to ban Avril Lavigne, Beyonce and Indonesia artist's concert. Now here comes the banning against MLTR's concert. Great!

You are one handsome looking man to me, seriously.

See how handsome this fella is? He is Nasrudin Hassan Tantawi, the Youth Chief of PAS. He made a statement saying this concert is an insult to all Muslims in the country during Ramadan.

Come on man, let's be mature. Grow! Does it means during Ramadan, we Chinese should stop eating pork? Indians should stop practicing Yoga?? All races in the country should fast with you???

i dunno what is wrong with this man, i really dunno.

i think they assume MLTR will come in Avril's style,


OR... a little like Beyonce style.

well, similar la...You picture it yourself.

Yea~ All the single ladies! (all the single ladies)

Zhen Pei's 17th Birthday
Monday, August 24, 2009 12:24 AM
It's her Birthday!
Happy Birthday!

She curled her hair that night and she looked hawttt~ Others said that as well eh, not only me.

Andre, Pui Kuan, Marcus and i bought some ingredients to make the two salads at Jusco, Maluri. After that, we headed to her house. The taxi driver was weird, as well as his meter too. When he was going at 60km/h, 5 secs 10 cents, not driving 21 secs 10 cents. WTH

We arrived at her place and i placed muffin into the pokka dot box.

Wonder what is that? Here.

it's a Roborovski, darn cute.

Roborovski (Robos) are the smallest of the dwarf hamsters and originated in Mongolia. They can live in colonies, but excessive overcrowding may result in cannibalism of young if they feel there will not be enough food or space. This also applies to other dwarf hamsters if overbred.

Be careful if keeping a few together as you can become over-run by them if you're not careful.They are great fun to watch as they are very active and entertaining. Due to their size and speed they are not ideal for small children who want to handle their pet. They are generally very healthy hamsters.

They are best kept in tanks with lots of toys, such as tubes and other objects that they can climb in, over or through. They set up great assault courses and in order to get from A to B they will tend to go all round the cage rather than going direct!

There, Zhen Pei=)

Zhen Pei and I- Setting up the cage

We all got down to business in the kitchen, making salads, fruit punch and all.

Mustering skills from her mom. lol

2 faced girl- identity covered for privacy reasons

The Chefs~

By the way, does my shirt look familiar?

But still, i can't do wad he did on bed. Not at his level.

We had deliciouso nasi lemak and Ding brought his secret recipe dish- chesse cauliflower. It was good, everything was good. I really enjoyed myself, with all the people around, food and stuff.

Big Big Green Tea Cake

Sam and i

Here, one last photo of me and the Birthday girl. She says she doesn't look good, i say it's a superb photo taken. haha

Happy Birthday=)

Sweet memories that lingered on 5W
Sunday, August 23, 2009 6:59 PM

Am i tat childish looking??????

We eat with our eyes, not mouth
Saturday, August 15, 2009 7:10 AM
Woke up early and attended a brief Hotel Management and Hospitality thing at Berjaya Times Square. Got to explore a more-than Restaurant City tour around their campus.

Locked and loaded! Lets move out!

We all gathered at Starbucks early in the morning at 8 plus and headed on to 7th or 11th floor, i dun really remember. We were greeted and brought into the lecture theater to be given a brief idea about: SERVICE.
A simple word which we do not pay attention to it for the past years. It's true though... If you can't defy the word, forget about joining this industry. well, that's wad i've been told.

There are 11 kitchens here in Berjaya University College, more than TAR College.

We were brought into a kitchen and chef Nizam taught us about the basic stuffs. How a kitchen functions, salary of a chef, levels of chef, his past experiences and more.
He is one of the head chefs in Berjaya. He speaks in multiple languages, traveled whole lot of countries, and served the Brunei's Sultan recently. He is now a marketing chef. He said, a chef doesn't mean you are always trap in kitchen. He switched from kitchen chef to full time lecturer, and from lecturer to a marketing chef in 20 plus years time. i dunno wad it means by marketing/chef too, dun ask me. His wife is a doctor and he is darn rich. He has BM, and even brought a mini cooper for his son. 'He is lucky,' said Chef Nizam.

Look at this.

The table, are made up of 3 different materials . White is marble, black is granite and the wood is... wood. Do you know why they have these 3 different thing instead of one? It is all about texture and temperature. A single Celsius can ruin you whole pastry or food. So, they use granite because it is naturally cold.

And do you know tat a Genting Highland's chef salary can go up to 23k in a single month? Yea, interesting. Darnnnn interesting.

After all the chatting and stuff,we got down to business. Chef Nizam showed us how to make salads. Take a look at these:

Zhen Pei! Choose one! LOL

Mouth-watering ones. Yum yum! To all those who are going to attend Zhen Pei's birthday celebration, you are lucky. You can try Andre and my skills. I know i know it won't gonna taste as good as it looks like cause we are only students, and not chefs! If you're still not satisfy, go there on the 11th or 7th floor and enjoy this with RM38.

Were ate up all we made during tea break at here, chilly and cozy place.

This is Resh.
After that, Resh leaded us and walked around the kitchen to visit their labs, restaurants and all. And here comes the interesting part. An Oenology lab. The favorite part for Resh.

Do you have any idea what is waiting for you behind this door? I'll give you a hint: Paradise of all Muslims non Muslims.

Still can't figure it out? There you go...

There, Resh explaining about this place.

It is a lab where you test wines and stuff. Nice right? Im sure you do noticed bout these sinks.

You will find a lot of DNA in the sinks. You know why?
You are order to pour/split the alcohol away after testing it because students are not allowed to consume alcohol during classes. And for Muslims, forbidden city. They can't take these. They are taught to smell instead.

Right beside the Oenology Lab, there is this.

Apart from alcoholic stuff, there is also a coffee house. Here is where students are taught to make their own coffee. The learn techniques on how to mix the coffee beans, just like what Starbucks had been doing over the years. What mix with what? They just won't tell. Students can relax themselves after classes and make their own coffee here too! F.O.C

They have the exact same machine Starbucks are using.

We were brought to many many places but i did not take any pictures of it, so i'll not blog about the others. The food alone is enough to make this post beautiful isn't it? Chef Nizam said 'we eat with our eyes, not mouth,' which i found out 110% true.

There, us.

On our way out, we found that 100plus is organizing some sports events. So we joined. It was Basketball. Ben, KS and i were in a team whereas Andre, Lam Fom and Raymond in the other.

Andre and KS

Raymond, KS
Me and Raymond

i can't believe we lost.
We lost by a point
, shot by Andre, who doesn't play basketball but football!

Editor: Wayne himself